Saturday, February 18, 2012

"Hating" as it applies to sports

Nowadays, not just in sports, whenever someone opposes your opinion, it is customary to say that person is "HATING" on you; but let's apply it to sports:

By definition, from my urban dictionary, I feel that hating is when - a) Someone is denying the FACTS about the team/issue, due to their deep rooted feelings against the truth normally, b) their feelings about what are not fact based (opinions) are clouded by their deep rooted feelings or hatred towards the team/issue. 
An example of a deep rooted feeling of hate would stem from a Raiders fan towards Tim Tebow for example, a Celtics fan towards Kobe Bryant. Deep rooted feelings can also include being a stubborn mule, and not wanting to go back on what you previously said. Here is how it applies: 
Example 1 - if someone says that Tebow did not play well in Round 1 of the playoffs, they are HATING! Why? It is a fact that his team won, he threw for 300 against the best defense in the LG, and he came up big when his team needed him most. HE PLAYED WELL. 
Example 2 - I tell my boy that Jeremy Lin is a turnover machine and needs to take better care of the ball to ever be considered an elite point guard - NOT HATING! Why? For 1, I do not have any hatred towards the Knicks, am not a rival teams fan, and couldnt care less about them. And 2, I personally feel if you commit 6-7 turnovers a game, and your job is to manage the game and take care of the ball, that you are not elite.  
Example 3 - if Mel Kiper says "I still don't feel Tim Tebow is the QB of the future for the Broncos" - that is NOT HATING! That is an opinion, we do not know if Tebow is or is not, and Kiper does not have any deep rooted feelings involved, he has no horse in this race. 
Deep rooted feelings - This is the root of any hatred, but sports wise, as stated above, it can come from different places, some examples are:

-Being a fan of an opposing team
-Being stubborn about a previous opinion and not wanted to admit wrong
-Envy - (your team is eliminated or is not good, so you want to tear everyone else down)
-Organizational structure/history - (maybe you hate the Yankees bc they spend money, or USC because of sanctions etc.)

I don't know outside of these why you would hate someone/something in something as non threatening as sports, something so insignificant in most fans everyday life. If you can hate a player because of his performance, you are definitely hating on tons of people in your everyday life. Why would you hate Tim Tebow? He is a good kid, he works hard. Non rival team haters are the biggest mystery to me, I have had people tell me they hate the Lakers because "they win all the time", which would fall under the envy category. Winners don't hate winners, they salute winners. 

If I don't have these deep rooted feelings, unless I don't understand sports, there really is no way I can hate on your team/players. I don't know how many times I have to tell people "I have no horse in this race", so I can get them to understand I am looking at the matter objectively. Let's start to separate hate from opinion people! Not everyone is hating on you/your team/your fav player!

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